Meet a woman who changed her life – thanks to you!

Transitions are a part of life. Throughout the most difficult ones—unemployment, hunger, aging and more—JF&CS has opened our doors to those who need our innovative services, our steadfast support and above all, a helping hand.

Now is when we turn to you to open your hearts to the people we serve. Each year around this time, we send you our Annual Appeal, asking you if you would be willing to help fund our work for the coming year ahead.

You have the power to ensure that we are able to continue helping the more than 10,000 people who look to JF&CS for the support, resources and compassion they need to change their lives. Your financial gift in response to this appeal directly supports our mission of helping people through life’s changes and challenges.

With your support to our Annual Campaign, we can continue to provide quality services to people like Linda.*

Linda recently moved home to Pittsburgh with her young son. Her recent divorce and the move left her financially and emotionally exhausted. She took the first job she could find, but part time work at a convenience store neither covered her expenses nor offered any sense of growth or fulfillment.

Worried about her son’s well-mom_hugging_sons-one-sonbeing, losing her rental home, paying her bills and continuing to put food on the table, she found the critical needs program at JF&CS. At her first appointment, her coordinator talked with Linda about her goals and immediately referred her to the Department of Human Services for food and medical assistance. Linda was also able to access low-cost child care, register at JF&CS’s Squirrel Hill Community Food Pantry and connect to JF&CS’s Career Development Center for job counseling. She and her son also received therapy through Squirrel Hill Psychological Services as they worked through this very difficult transition.

As she regained her footing, Linda decided to go back to school. Once more, JF&CS came through. She received some scholarship assistance through the Central Scholarship & Load Referral Service (CSLRS) of the Jewish Federation of Pittsburgh, administered by JF&CS. Staff at CSLRS helped her find other financial aid for nontraditional students to ensure her financial situation would not derail her goals.

This fall, Linda will complete her degree in social work. Because of the comprehensive, innovative services of JF&CS and the supporters who make our work possible, Linda did indeed complete her transition – to an economically stable fulfilling future.

YOU have the power to change the lives of your neighbors who are struggling. On behalf of Linda and clients like her, THANK YOU for your generous response to our appeal.


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