JF&CS’s PSYEP Intern Shares Her Experience

By Emily Fero, JF&CS Marketing Department Intern

As a teenager, it is difficult to find a summer job that does not involve fast food or cleaning bathrooms. Through the Pittsburgh Summer Youth Employment Program (PSYEP), it is possible to find an internship that can help teens to get a future job, possibly leading to a career. Everyone knows that you need experience to get a job, but you also need a job to get experience, which can leave many people my age troubled with where to start.


When I applied to the PSYEP program at the beginning of May, I was entered into a lottery system before being informed that I had won a placement at one of the internship opportunities. I was previously placed as an intern at JF&CS’s Squirrel Hill Community Food Pantry (SHCFP) in 2012, so I was very excited to be able to work through PSYEP again this summer.


A 12-hour work preparedness training began on June 30th and the summer youth interns had training for two days. Training involved information about taxes, resumes and general workplace conduct, like how to dress professionally and the importance of timeliness. I did not know where I would be placed for the summer until after we had finished training. After hearing I was placed with the marketing department at JF&CS, I was excited because I already knew a little bit about JF&CS from my internship at the Pantry.


Throughout the six week program, I was able to gain experience while sharpening and accumulating new skills. The ability to participate in PSYEP was an extremely positive experience and I will surely take these skills to opportunities and jobs in the future.

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One Response to JF&CS’s PSYEP Intern Shares Her Experience

  1. Dorcas Evans-Miller says:

    Emily brightened up our hallway when co-workers decorated her alcove with balloons and streamers for her birthday. I first met Emily at the Pantry and was so happy to see her in the CDC hallway. She worked hard in her alcove and brought joy to our agency. Best of luck with future internships and career adventures.

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