SOS Pittsburgh provides a lifeline for those most in need

Since 2005, for hundreds of families in our community, SOS Pittsburgh, a program of JF&CS administered by the Squirrel Hill Community Food Pantry (SHCFP), is the difference between a lifetime of hardship or a chance to live life with dignity. SOS Pittsburgh serves as a safety net of last resort for individuals and families who otherwise would fall through the cracks of the social service system and helps those who have exhausted all other options to get back on their feet with one-time financial assistance.

SOS Pittsburgh has helped families in crisis with housing, utilities, transportation, medical and other critical issues. Over 150 families were helped this past fiscal year (ending June 30) alone.

Limited, one-time financial assistance made through the SOS Pittsburgh Fund is sent directly to the appropriate billing agency or vendor and helps clients pay for various emergencies when no other resources or options exist. With support from SOS Pittsburgh’s social worker, our clients are able to manage their immediate crisis and create a plan of action that ensures long-term well-being and self-sufficiency.

In the past year alone, SOS Pittsburgh cases and funding assistance have increased dramatically.

Even in the best of times, there will be people who are struggling, but with the ongoing economic crisis, the need has grown considerably. People who never thought they would need help now are turning to us for critical aid. At JF&CS, we work tirelessly to provide for those who are experiencing hardship and crises and serve constantly growing numbers of individuals and families who turn to us in their most desperate times of need. In the midst of a troubling economy, our entire staff has worked harder than ever to ensure that a better day is always within reach, for everyone who walks through our door.

There are thousands of examples of the necessary and impactful work we do every day at JF&CS, and your support is essential to keeping that work going. If you know of someone in need, we encourage you to refer them to JF&CS. For more information, visit, call 412-422-7200 or email

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