New AgeWell Rides service keeps our community’​s seniors on the go!

Talking to our aging loved ones about giving up the car keys can be one of the most emotionally-loaded and difficult topics to approach. We often check in on older loved ones to ensure their homes are safe, that they’re eating well and socializing–but it’s important to periodically evaluate their driving abilities as well. Taking a ride with an older adult is a good opportunity to consider warning signs of deteriorating driving abilities. Perhaps they forget to buckle up or fail to obey stop signs and traffic lights, drive at inconsistent or unsafe speeds, react slowly or make poor decisions while driving.

When it’s time for a senior to stop driving, there is often a sense of sadness and a loss of abilities and independence. Without reliable transportation, simple errands and activities can become major challenges to an older adult who wishes to remain active and independent.

At JF&CS, we recognize the need for reliable transportation options for our community’s growing senior population. Through JF&CS’s new AgeWell Rides service, we aim to keep our community’s older adults as active and independent as possible.

AgeWell Rides is a new volunteer transportation service offered by AgeWell Pittsburgh through JF&CS, in collaboration with Repair the World Pittsburgh–which works to inspire American Jews and their communities to give their time and effort to serve those in need, and aims to make service a defining part of American Jewish life. AgeWell Rides matches local volunteer drivers with seniors who do not or cannot drive and need reliable transportation to go to medical appointments, grocery shopping or socialize in the community.

Currently, we are in need of volunteer drivers who are looking for an easy and rewarding way to make a difference in a senior’s life. Through volunteering, you can become a part of AgeWell Rides and help older adults stay connected to our community. AgeWell Rides provides volunteer training, flexible schedules, secondary insurance for drivers and more. To learn more about becoming a volunteer driver, click here.

At JF&CS, we approach aging from all perspectives, to give families options instead of ultimatums. Through our AgeWell Pittsburgh hotline, we provide information and referral on any number of issues related to aging. AgeWell Pittsburgh, a collaborative initiative of JF&CS, the Jewish Association on Aging and the Jewish Community Center, is a network of services designed to help older adults remain healthy and independent. AgeWell Pittsburgh services are provided without regard to race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, place of birth, sex, sexual orientation, familial status, age, handicap or disability.

One call to the AgeWell Pittsburgh information and referral line at JF&CS puts seniors and adult children in contact with a knowledgeable specialist who is committed to connecting callers to the services and support they need–from AgeWell Pittsburgh partner agencies or through other community resources.

For more information about AgeWell Rides, click here. To schedule a ride or to volunteer, contact Ellen Leger at 412-422-0400 or email To learn more about additional services and resources for older adults and their loved ones, visit our website at or call the AgeWell Pittsburgh hotline at 1-877-243-1530 (toll-free) or call 412-422-0400.

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