Holiday visits with older adults may have indicated a need for help

As our loved ones age, it’s common to worry about their well-being, care and quality of life. For those of us who live close to our aging parents and loved ones, we see the natural aging progression and have the opportunity to intervene when challenges arise. For adult children who live long distances from older loved ones, visits during the holiday season were an opportunity to check in on seniors’ overall well-being, and these visits may have brought to light concerning signs of aging. When such concerns arise during a visit home, adult children may leave feeling unsure about how to best approach these sensitive, and sometimes emotional situations–and where to turn for resources and support.

In the most recent issue of Guide to Good Health, you’ll find an article featuring JF&CS and AgeWell Pittsburgh, a partnership of JF&CS, the Jewish Association on Aging (JAA) and the Jewish Community Center (JCC). JF&CS staff members Maxine Horn and Sandy Budd discuss how long-distance adult children can approach conversations about aging and offer support to their older parents. They also explain the resources available through JF&CS and our community partners.

Click here to read the article.

At JF&CS, we are committed to ensuring that older adults and their adult children feel empowered and supported in the decisions they must make as they face the challenges of aging. As part of that commitment, we provide an abundant array of valuable resources for keeping older adults safe and comfortable (and often in their own homes), living as independently as possible. Our professional and experienced staff members aim to help identify strengths, healthcare needs, safety issues and resources to meet the continually changing needs and challenges related to aging.

Through JF&CS’s care coordination, licensed home care registry (Caregiver Connection), tools like our ElderAlert personal emergency response system and the AgeWell Pittsburgh resource hotline, many services are available to help our community’s older adults obtain the highest level of independence, comfort and safety consistent with their capacity and preferences for care. This ensures peace of mind for loved ones, even those who may live out-of-state or long distances away.

We approach aging from all perspectives, to give families options instead of ultimatums. Find out more by visiting our website at or by calling our AgeWell Pittsburgh hotline at 1-877-243-1530, toll-free, or call 412-422-0400.

Together, we can ensure our loved ones age well.

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