United Way-funded WorkAble partnership shows significant impact at one-year mark

With the generous support of the United Way of Allegheny County, last fall, JF&CS partnered with North Hills Community Outreach (NHCO) and South Hills Interfaith Ministries (SHIM) to create WorkAble, a county-wide employment and critical needs service for financially struggling adults who need help in finding a job and resolving problems related to unemployment.

As a comprehensive service, WorkAble serves unemployed and underemployed individuals throughout Allegheny County; including people who have experienced unemployment for the first time as well as others who have struggled with unemployment over a longer period of time.

In its first year WorkAble has helped 503 individuals in Allegheny County, and currently has an extremely high placement rate of 90% for those who complete the program.

Recently, WorkAble was featured in several media outlets, including WPXI-TV and today’s Pop City. We hope you’ll take a moment to read the Pop City article here.

WorkAble is the result of extensive United Way research on the critical issues impacting individuals and families in Allegheny County and its search for evidence-based collaborative services that can effectively address the needs of the many struggling families in our community. WorkAble builds on the combined experience and expertise of JF&CS and its partner agencies SHIM and NHCO. By providing employment services and help with the negative impact of unemployment on personal and family lives, WorkAble clients are much better prepared not only to land a job quickly but also to retain the job longer. The partnership between JF&CS, SHIM and NHCO also allows all three organizations to provide services across a larger geographic landscape than any one agency would be able to do on its own.

In addition to employment and critical needs services, WorkAble also recruits volunteer coaches who help job seekers through the many steps needed for a successful job search. Volunteers are a tremendous part of the success of the WorkAble program, and provide an opportunity for community members to offer support and encouragement and share skills to benefit the greater community.

“We are so thankful to our collaborators, and especially the United Way, who recognized there is a need to find people in our region who are struggling and provide them with resources and support to address their unique situations,” says Linda Ehrenreich, JF&CS Chief Operating Officer and Acting Director of the Career Development Center. “WorkAble is so much more than an employment service. When you help one person find a job, you’re really helping an entire community.”

The work that we do would not be possible without the generosity of our funders, donors, supporters and volunteers. We hope the success of this collaborative program inspires you to support the work of the United Way of Allegheny County, JF&CS and our partner agencies either through financial contributions or by volunteering.

If you or someone you know is struggling with finding a job and needs assistance, call the WorkAble hotline at 412-904-5993 or visit www.workableac.com. For information about how you can support JF&CS, visit www.jfcspgh.org or call 412-422-7200.

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