Temporary jobs may provide relief for unemployed jobseekers

At JF&CS’s Career Development Center (CDC), we’re here for those who are unemployed and looking for work, as well as those who want to make a career change. The CDC helps jobseekers and career changers navigate the job search process by providing extensive resources and support. CDC staff work with people of all ages and levels of experience to help them find employment and build careers in our region, even in the difficult and competitive job climate so many are currently facing.

Patrick Ferraro, Employer Relations Consultant at the CDC, suggests that some jobseekers may benefit from exploring opportunities through local staffing firms as part of their job search strategy.

At the CDC, Patrick works directly with employers looking to hire new talent, including many well-known and respected staffing firms. He says these firms can be an untapped resource that jobseekers may sometimes overlook in their search for permanent employment.

“Staffing firms are door-openers,” he said. “Sometimes employers will contact a staffing firm directly, without even posting the job, because they need someone who has been pre-screened immediately. It’s a great way to get your foot in the door, boost your credentials and keep your resume current while you look for more permanent work.”

The summer months can bring increased opportunities for those willing to take positions through staffing firms.  Connecting to employers through staffing firms also offers the potential for temporary positions to extend to full-time employment, and positions jobseekers for future opportunities at those companies as they continue their job search.

“This isn’t the end goal, but it’s a viable option and can even lead to full-time opportunities,” Patrick said. “It’s an alternative that jobseekers should at least consider.”

Patrick suggests that jobseekers pursuing employment through staffing firms consider the following advice:

  1. Contact the Career Development Center – A career consultant at the CDC can help individuals connect to job leads, provide coaching to better prepare for interviews and offer advice and support to those who may be feeling discouraged with slow progress. Jobseekers may qualify for free services under one of the many contracts the CDC holds, and for those who don’t, services are available on a sliding fee scale based upon ability to pay.
  2. Do your researchIdentify staffing firms with strong relationships in the local job market and those with a high rate of placements. If there are specific companies you’d like to work for, find out which staffing firms are helping to hire for the companies you’re interested in.
  3. Develop relationshipsBuild strong relationships with one or two staffing firms, so that you’re on their radar when opportunities arise.
  4. Be flexibleSome of the opportunities that arise may not be exactly what you’re looking for, but if you’re flexible and can do a good job, it goes a long way toward showing the staffing firms that they can rely on you and trust you with better opportunities.

“Be open to any and all possibilities when you’re looking for work,” Patrick said. “You never know when a door can open up.”

If you are looking for a new job, or know someone who is, the Career Development Center can help. Contact us today at 412.422.5627, visit our website at www.careerdevelopmentcenter.org or email us at info@careerdevelopmentcenter.org.

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