Change lives and support JF&CS by donating your used vehicles

Many of us are fortunate to have a reliable means of transportation to get to work, doctor’s appointments, take our children to school and take care of the many needs of ourselves and our families. But for a family that is unable to afford a car of their own, or live too far away from public transportation, the lack of reliable and affordable transportation options can put a significant strain on their ability to provide for themselves and their families.

“Jacob,” an underemployed husband and father of two has an old vehicle that cannot be repaired. Jacob was accepted to a professional training course sponsored by a major corporation, which will culminate in a good paying job, but he cannot attend the training without a car.

After 20 years of marriage “Sarah’s” husband and father of her three children committed murder, which sent him to prison for life. As she struggled to build a new life, Sara h was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Sarah can take medicine to slow the progression of the disease, but she cannot work enough hours to afford medication without a vehicle.

JF&CS refers people like Jacob and Sarah to Community Auto through our SOS Pittsburgh program, and many others call or visit in hopes of purchasing an affordable vehicle that will help them get a job or a better paying job. Community Auto is a county-wide car donation program run by North Hills Community Outreach, which helps families in hardship, poverty and crisis, much like the work of JF&CS.

Low-income working families like Sarah’s and Jacob’s who need transportation to get to work can purchase vehicles at Community Auto at below-market value. The donated vehicles receive necessary repairs and safety inspections, and the buyer receives a valid inspection sticker, full tank of gas, one-year AAA membership, six-month warranty and new car seats for children if needed.

When you mention that you were referred to Community Auto by JF&CS, our agency receives a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the car. In supporting a family in need of a vehicle, you are in turn supporting the tireless work of our agency. When you donate a vehicle to Community Auto and it goes to a low-income working family in need, you receive the best possible tax deduction by deducting the full fair market value for your car. Many families are waiting, and Community Auto needs cars immediately.

At JF&CS, we are eternally grateful for the volunteer time, money and goods that help us improve lives every day, for every client — and we thank you for helping us to deliver on that promise.

To change lives in our community and support JF&CS by donating your vehicle, call Community Auto at 724-443-8300 or visit

If there is another way you would like to financially support JF&CS, or if you would like to explore additional donation options, please call Jackie Johns, JF&CS Communications & Development Associate at 412-586-3777 or email

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