JF&CS Annual Report: recognizing our donors and sharing our highlights

Earlier this month we mailed our 2010-2011 Annual Report, which covered the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2010 and ending June 30, 2011.

During this period, we continued to build on our strength as an organization, committed to serving the needs of our community members dealing with challenging lifecycle transitions and crises, and doing so with compassion, professionalism and expertise. We continued to expand our programs and services to address an ever-growing continuum of need, including a new face of need: individuals and families that never before had to reach out for help.

In FY2010-2011, JF&CS helped more than 8,400 people through critical needs assistance, food assistance, career services, elder care services, refugee and immigration services, adoption and foster care, psychological services, guardianship, special needs services and scholarship.

We are extremely proud of our agency’s accomplishments, especially in light of the government spending cuts with which we’ve been hit. Accomplishments like:

  • Providing career services to 1,220 job seekers, with an overall placement rate of 71% with a 22.6 week average time to help a client land a new job (as compared to the national average of 40.3 weeks)
  • Helping more than 2,000 older adults and their families meet the challenges of aging
  • Offering a safety net to almost 400 people facing critical hardship
  • Placing 11 children in permanent, loving homes
  • Moving our Food Pantry to a larger, better designed facility where we were able to serve 50% more clients than we did the previous year
  • And so much more

If you haven’t received a copy of our annual report, I encourage you to click here to read our online version, or contact us to request a hardcopy report be sent to you.

I am grateful to our committed board, talented staff, generous donors and dedicated volunteers that helped make a challenging year another successful year of service.

In this current fiscal year, the economic recovery will remain slow and we expect continued high unemployment and underemployment. Your ongoing support is critical to our ability to help our friends and neighbors that need help overcoming a crisis, finding employment, feeding themselves and their families and more. Thank you in advance for your staunch support.

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