We should all be philanthropists

Elliott Oshry, a past JF&CS board member and ongoing supporter wrote an article on philanthropy that was published in the September 18, 2011 issue of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

We Should All Be Philanthropists is a thought-provoking piece on an important topic for our time, reminding readers that philanthropy is not about the needs of a particular agency, but about the needs of those the agencies serve: our friends and neighbors, the young and old, the people we see – and don’t see – every day. He reminds readers, too, that in today’s challenging economic environment, “the need for philanthropic support of the nonprofit agencies that improve the quality of life” in our community has dramatically increased…something we at JF&CS know only too well.

At JF&CS, our job is helping people deal with challenging life cycle transitions and crisis. We are striving to meet the daily influx of the growing number of people turning to us for help at the same time as we’ve been hit with substantial government funding cuts. In the midst of the worst economy and job market in at least three decades, we are working harder than ever, but we can’t do it without the strong support of our donors, granters and volunteers.

We recently mailed our annual appeal and I wanted to remind you that you can increase the impact of your gift by donating to JF&CS during The Pittsburgh Foundation’s third annual Day of Giving on October 4. All donations made through the Pittsburgh Gives website during that 24-hour period will receive a pro-rated portion of the match pool provided by The Pittsburgh Foundation and other local funding partners.

The economy still has a long way to go before it recovers, and there are still too many people out there struggling. Thank you in advance for partnering with us to make a difference in thousands of lives.

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