“Take a breath, and imagine in your wildest dreams what you would want to do.”

In this month’s Pittsburgh Magazine, our own Patrick Ferraro, employer-relations coordinator for the Career Development Center, was quoted in the article “Second Acts.” 

In today’s world, with the fluctuating economy and unstable job security, people have been switching careers more than ever.  While some people choose to make the switch because they are looking for something more fulfilling, others say that it took losing their job for them to realize their true calling.  Regardless, changing careers is no longer looked at in a negative light.  According to Ferraro, “People are switching careers across the board. People switching careers essentially aren’t challenged anymore. Sometimes it’s that their career is consuming their life. Work-life balance is a major consideration as people look at their values and other factors.”  The article tells the stories of four individuals who were either forced out of their jobs or chose to leave, and decided to take their lives in a completely different yet invigorating direction.

Click here to see Patrick’s full quote and to read the article.

If you or someone you know is going through a similar struggle or transition, remember that the Career Development Center is here to help.  For more than 25 years, our experienced counselors have helped thousands to explore and obtain job opportunities.   Whether it’s through counseling, resume assistance, job searches, or workshops, employees at the CDC want to put you on the right track.

For more information, call 412.422.5627, or click here to visit the CDC website.

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