CDC job fairs help motivated job seekers find employment

December has not only brought bleak, winter days, but what seemed like a brightening economy now too has dimmed. After several months of steadying statistics, the unemployment rate rose to 9.8 percent in November — its highest since April. More than 15 million people across the nation are jobless. Among those, 6.3 million have been out of work for six months or longer, according to a recent New York Times article. We certainly are feeling it here in Pittsburgh, where unemployment rose above eight percent last week, as reported in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Although this news is disheartening, there are meaningful jobs out there. Today’s successful job seekers are motivated, flexible in their transferable skills and have an understanding of the current labor market. And that’s where our Career Development Center (CDC) comes in — to help prospective employees break into the competitive job market.

Each month, the CDC hosts at least one large, regional employer for a personalized job fair — a CDC service that job seekers find especially valuable. At a CDC job fair, pre-screened candidates are presented to employers for brief interviews.

Our job fairs help individuals build relationships with recruiters and hiring managers and reduce the impersonal experience of job searching. “Did they even receive my resume?” is a phrase we hear often from clients frustrated with the many online-only job applications that have come to define the process.

We know times are tough for many people, but there is hope. After a CDC job fair in October, UPMC filled 12 positions with CDC clients, including Director of Medical Records, Senior Social Worker and Patient Coordinator. What wonderful news this is for those CDC “alumni” and such encouraging data to share!

Visit CDC online or call us at 412.422.5627 to learn more about our services, including our January job fair held for CDC clients. All calls are confidential, and you may be eligible for free services or assistance on a sliding fee scale.

 If you are an employer looking for help in finding qualified, pre-screened candidates at no cost to you, contact Patrick Ferraro, CDC employer relations coordinator, at 412.586.3728 for more information on hosting a job fair at the CDC.

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